FAQs on Virtual Scribes

By Kevin Brady | May 6, 2015

We at Physicians Angels are often asked about the best practices in using Virtual Scribes by interested clinics and doctors.  We find many who contact us to learn more about our company are trying to wrap their minds around how a medical scribe could work “virtually,” so below are some of the most Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) we receive, and Continue reading…

“Medical scribes are a solution to click overload”

By Kevin Brady | December 16, 2014

A great article here from Essia Health, another medical scribe company in the U.S. The author, Dr. Kathleen Myers — who is also Essia Health’s founder — quantifies the number of clicks and keystrokes an average physician makes in an EMR, during an average clinic day, in terms of how many pizzas that doctor could order with the same number Continue reading…

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