Customer Since 2012

Physicians Angels has been a very accurate way to log patient information into EMR in an efficient manner. The Angels are prompt, courteous, and our notes are consistently ready for review at the end of exams. I have been able to decrease my dictation and chart review time by about 50%. Nothing is perfect in this world, but since I started using Physicians Angels, I have been able to get home earlier each day and I have the satisfaction of knowing that my charts are fully completed.

Customer Since 2014

I'm very impressed with the service. It has nearly eliminated my need to enter anything into the EMR other than Rx's, and as such this has freed up at least 1-2 hours a day. With the 'found' time I can either start scheduling in more patients, or get home at a more reasonable hour and not have to sit in front of my computer finishing notes. As for cost, I can add at least one more patient a day, and the service actually MAKES me money. At the very least it gives me more free time, and sometimes there's NO price on that! That's also far less than what you'd you have to pay an American transcriptionist, by the time you factor in their charge and your staff labor to cut & paste the transcription into your charts. It's no surprise that Physicians Angels is growing so fast.

Customer Since 2012

We have been using Physicians Angels for some time now, and have been very pleased with their service. They have proven to be a very effective way for us to capture the clinical experience. But just as important they have helped us improve our efficiency in coding correctly and have helped in expediting our collections. Our providers enjoy the service that they provide and feel that the quality of medical documentation has improved with the scribe’s service to help capture all of the data and document it accurately.

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