• I have been working with Physicians Angels for over one year now, and the entire process has been excellent. While there is always a learning curve (both for the virtual scribe and the physician), I found that we both grew quickly and continue to improve in efficiency. Working together, we have not only improved patient volume by 7 patients per day; but just as importantly, I am leaving the office on time and having less stress throughout the day...Read More

  • Physicians Angels has been a very accurate way to log patient information into EMR in an efficient manner. The Angels are prompt, courteous, and our notes are consistently ready for review at the end of exams. I have been able to decrease my dictation and chart review time by about 50%. Nothing is perfect in this world, but since I started using Physicians Angels, I have been able to get home earlier each day and I have the satisfaction of knowin...Read More

  • Physicians Angels has proven to be quite efficient. Their staff are very courteous, capable, and they have been able to complete my transcriptions quickly, with minimal errors. I would like to add my voice to others here at the Toledo Clinic: We have definitely had full satisfaction with Physicians Angels.

  • I am extremely glad I made decision to use Physicians Angels. I was looking for ways reduce the burden of EMR documentation, which was taking away significant amount of my interaction time with my patients. I did look into hiring a scribe, but wasn't comfortable with hiring another full-time staff, training the scribe, and the possibility of having to retrain the scribe if she/he left the practice. The virtual scribe service provided by Physician...Read More

  • We have been using Physicians Angels for some time now, and have been very pleased with their service. They have proven to be a very effective way for us to capture the clinical experience. But just as important they have helped us improve our efficiency in coding correctly and have helped in expediting our collections. Our providers enjoy the service that they provide and feel that the quality of medical documentation has improved with the scrib...Read More

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