Physicians Angels' White Paper on Virtual Scribes

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From page 1: 

An Answer to Physician Burn-out & Stress

Physicians make their money and make a difference by seeing patients. Yet doctors and their support staff are spending more and more time with documentation and administrative work. This has led to record levels of burn-out among healthcare professionals.

Recent research published by the American Medical Association bears out provider complaints about the unnecessary stress related to Electronic Medical Records and documentation.

In 2016, the AMA, along with the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Care System, identified EMRs as a primary pain point for doctors. AMA’s research found that nearly 50 percent of doctors’ work days are consumed with EMR data entry; while only 27 percent of their time is spent on clinical care.

Additionally, the Medscape Lifestyle Report 2017 showed increased rates of provider dissatisfaction, due to the increased time burdens caused by EMRs and administrative work.

Independent research consistently shows that, before using a Virtual Scribe, a physician will struggle to see more than 20 patients per clinic day, while also completing his own EMR documentation.

However, using a Virtual Scribe, a physician can increase his patient volume and revenues by up to 20%-40% – and without the need to type or point and click all clinic day, or afterwards, in the EMR.

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