The Benefits of Virtual EMR Scribes

Boosting Physician Productivity & Reducing "Paper Care" Hassles

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) implementation is spreading quickly in the United States. However, physicians are finding EMRs are not delivering on their promise of improved workflow efficiencies and patient care. Many physicians are finding their EMRs, in fact, reduce their productivity.

A new tool in healthcare that increases a physician's productivity is the virtual EMR scribe. Virtual scribes offer the same benefits of existing on-site EMR scribes, but at less cost. Virtual scribes free physicians to interact with patients, handling the 'paper care' while physicians handle the 'patient care.'

In addition to the benefits of virtual scribe services offered by providers like Physicians Angels, here is what you will learn in this white paper:

  • How do virtual scribes work?

  • Why are more and more medical practices utilizing virtual scribes?

  • How virtual scribes will save you valuable time and money.

  • How virtual scribes ensure a continuous workflow without staffing gaps; provide a portable service from one practice to another; and improve patient confidentiality.

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