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Physicians Angels is the world's first Virtual Medical Scribe company, founded in 2007. We work with clinics and hospitals in over 40 states, and in Canada and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  At Physicians Angels, we provide medical professionals with highly-trained Virtual Scribe staff to manage the increasing amounts of EMR data entry required to practice medicine today. We believe no doctor should have to type or point and click in an EHR for hours every day. Physicians Angels helps medical professionals to focus on what they do best: patient care.

Virtual Medical Scribes

Virtual Medical Scribes manage your patient data in your EMR in real-time. Our Virtual Scribes work from a HIPAA-compliant and secure data center, and not from their home or other non-secure facilities.  Some of the many benefits you will receive with a Virtual Scribe include:

  • Saves you several hours each day that you once spent typing and dictating
  • Allows you to see more patients – and focus more fully on each patient encounter
  • Completes your patient charts the same day
  • Earns you extra revenue from more patients seen
  • HIPAA-compliant and helps you meet Meaningful Use requirements
  • Pricing at $15 per hour
  • Minimal set-up and software costs
$ 15 per hour $1500 = Monthly minimum price, per scribe



Insurance Verification, Transcription, & Document Management services

Physicians Angels offers customized Virtual Staffing Solutions for your busy clinic.  

Our Insurance Verification services are priced by the hour or per chart.  We also provide Medical Transcription services with a turn-around time from 2 to 24 hours.  We enter your transcriptions directly into your EMR through secure, HIPAA-compliant connections.


And we offer customized Medical Document Management services. We will help your practice transition from paper to an EMR. And if your medical practice has transitioned already to an EMR, we can help you to manage your existing paper flow securely and efficiently.

$ 12 per hour $0-$1,200 per month



Virtual Scribes

Online Scribes | Scribe Services

Online Scribes | Scribe Services