What is a Virtual Scribe?

Our Virtual Scribes help you to securely manage patient data in your EMR in real-time. Our Virtual Scribe service was created by doctors, for doctors, and was designed to save healthcare providers time and earn more money. We train our Virtual Scribes to work with you and your EMR before Day 1 -- there is no need for you to train them. Our specialty-specific Virtual Scribes are knowledgable in ICDs, CPTS, PQRS, MU, and MACRA; and they are expert EMR data managers.

How does a Virtual Scribe work?

1Before Exam

Before Exam
  • Your Medical Assistant brings the patient to the exam room, enters the patient's medical history and vitals into your EMR.
  • Your Virtual Scribe, connected to the exam room remotely through secure, HIPAA-compliant VOIP and RDP/VPN connections, reviews the patient’s file.
  • Physician enters the exam room.

2During Exam

  • Your Virtual Scribe listens to and documents the doctor-patient encounter in real-time. 
  • Your Virtual Scribe will be busy entering notes, CPT and ICD codes, eRx, orders, and other relevant data directly into the patient’s chart -- while the doctor is busy seeing and providing care to the patient.
  • Your Virtual Scribe ensures the patients' charts meet requirements for PQRS, MU, MACRA, and/or other quality measures with which your clinic needs assistance.
  • Doctor does not perform data entry during the exam.
During Exam

3After Exam

After Exam
  • Doctor reviews the day’s charts with your Virtual Scribe via the secure VOIP connection, vocalizes any edits needed to the patient charts, and then signs off.
  • Your Virtual Scribe generates referral letters and performs other tasks, as directed.

What Does a Virtual Scribe Do For You?

  • Manages your patient data securely in your EMR in real-time
  • Saves you time and money
  • Helps you meet MACRA (MIPS & AAPM), Meaningful Use, PQRS, and other charting requirements
  • Allows you to see more patients and earn more revenue
  • Completes charts same day using HIPAA-secure technologies
  • Helps you collect bills on time
  • Allows you to focus on patient care, not on EMR data entry
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Physicians Angels' only IT requirements are a stable Internet connection in your medical practice and a computer device (desktop computer or laptop) in the exam room. All of the technologies we use are HIPAA-compliant and easy-to-use.

We designed our Virtual Scribe service to integrate with your IT system and EMR to ensure no disruption or training needed on your part.

Contact us to learn specifically how we can work with your clinic.

Call us at (419) 318-4471 or email us at contactus@physiciansangels.com.

Virtual Scribes | Virtual Scribes Services

Virtual Scribes | Virtual Scribes Services